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My name is Dr H Ammar Rasul working as a Consultant Surgeon Hafizabad, as like most of you i am also a foreign graduate when i came back to pakistan from China it was 2010 and there was 3 months left in the PMDC exam and the rumour was this time UHS ll conduct the exam so i decided to appear in that exam after just 3 days of complimentary class in DIMS at that time DIMS was in shadman, at the day of exam i still remember this advise from dr ahmed which also helped me passing all the exams afterwards "k beta tayar(wear good professional clothes) ho k jana if u feel confident u ll perform with confidence” to cut this short that exam was conducted by UHS and only 15 ppl passed one of them was me afterwards appeared in viva and cleared that too since than it was a dream come true the base they made the efforts they put in and the lesson of honesty they taught me regarding this profession made me clear FCPS 1, IMM and than FCPS II all in 1st attempt. Meanwhile cleared PPSC 17 than PPSC 18 soon after clearing part 2 not to mention became the 1 FCPS of shihezi university even in the presence of 3 senior classes than mine Whole point of telling this story is you should never underestimate yourself just because u graduated from abroad just work hard believe in your teachers and when u cleared PMDC ur level of competency is so much higher that even Pakistani Graduates can not compete with you in a level playing field Dr Abbas Dims Dr ahmed you are GOD SENT if it was not because of ur encouragement back up i might still stuck in PMDC exam like many of my class fellows I am eternally Thankful to you both may ALLAH PAK Bless you with more and more Jazza k ALLAH

‎‎‎Ammar Ghumman‎Ammar Ghumman