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It was late winter February 2013, when the spring was setting in, I landed back my homeland after completing my medical degree from IUK, Kyrgyzstan. With mixed feelings of hope and joy, I returned home, but fear that I couldn@@@@t settle, as there was a big scary exam ahead of me. The fear was instilled in me because of what my seniors and colleagues told me about the PMDC exam, and also because I knew that what I have learnt in my medical school was not good enough to get me through. The step 1 was in May 2013 and there were mountains of books that needed to be climbed. I already knew about DIMS, as I had joined it earlier during my medical school third year for 2 months, so I knew where I needed to go for getting me through this exam. Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Abbas have always been very kind and supportive. In a very short period, I did what I never expected I could do. I cleared all the 3 parts of PMDC exams in first attempt. Were it for myself, seeing what I knew before joining DIMS, I could have never done this. Since the time I spent in DIMS, I have gained a lot to build my career path Onwards ,And all the credit goes to Sir Ahmad & Sir Abbas. I, not only, cleared my PMDC, I cleared my FCPS-1 in first attempt with help of DIMS too and I got my training at Allied hospital Faisalabad where I am third year resident. Alhamdulillah, I have been successful uptil now and I@@@@m very happy that this week I cleared my IMM. The notes that I made during lectures of Sir Ahmad and Sir Abbas helped me in my IMM exam even. I want to thank Sir Ahmad, Sir Abbas and DIMS for helping me in my success all along my career. Thank you so much. May Allah bless you both always. Ameen. Mohammad Asif (I.U.K)

‎‎Mohammad Asif (I.U.K)PGR surgery